Earn Money By Clicking Ads

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Earn Money By Clicking Ads!

There are many ways to earn money online.  One of the simplest ways is by joining a traffic exchange program.  One such program that has a tremendous compensation plan is AdClickXpress.  I have been a member for several years.  Like any online business Ad Click Xpress has had it’s ups and downs.  I’ve seen them go through times of payment processor troubles, withdrawal issues and other technical difficulties.  What sets ACX apart from other similar programs is their commitment to success.  Every time there has been a problem within the program the leadership has made the necessary corrections and brought things back on track.

If you are not familiar with traffic exchanges, please allow me to explain the basics.  When you join a traffic exchange you are allowed to advertise your website on their exchange website.  Other members will view your site and in exchange you will view other members sites as well.  For example, on the AdClickXpress website each member has an option to purchase ad packages which give you credits to spend on advertising.  You can earn up to 2% per day of the purchase price by viewing other members websites on the traffic exchange.

One new program ACX has recently added is called Monsoon.  This program was added to compete with the very popular program called Traffic Monsoon.  Traffic Monsoon was extremely popular and many members earned $1000’s with them.  However, Traffic Monsoon is facing some legal battles and currently is not active.  While Traffic Monsoon is not functioning ACX Monsoon is doing great!  This program allows its members to earn 2% per day for life!  Each Monsoon pack costs $20 and you will earn back 110% from each package.  You can than purchase more packages or you can withdraw your profits.  The best part about the program is you also earn 10% for each referral you bring into the program.  You can join completely free and refer others to earn money.